Designer of the month #2

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“ I had in mind that girl full of dreams, despite being a misfit. A goth child from Bastille who dreams to become Miss France one day.”

Far from the luxurious streetwear that permeates the fashion of the moment, Neith Nyer tears apart the clichés by proposing complex creations, unlike any others. We sense a punk approach, that resonates with sexual references and androgyny. Moreover, it is impossible to describe each catwalk as it stacks and distills references.

Behind that name with Germanic consonances is hiding the designer Francisco Terra. His collections are full of nostalgia, inspired by the different moments of his life, like his childhood in Brasil and his arrival in Paris as well as the financial difficulties he had to face.

The designer deflects his memories with impertinence, looking critically at an illusory Brazilian fashion and a fantasized Parisian fashion.

“There is a darkness behind the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower. The collection pays tribute to all those who fight to be successful here.” Rather than presenting his last collection on the podiums, Francisco Terra preferred to call persons he knew – a mix of friends, stylists, models, even nurses – in order to capture the essence of his inspiration through a shooting in the streets of the capital.

Neith Nyer infuses a message of positivity and liberty. The look “Miss Nothing” is for example composed of a crown and a sash with no inscription on it, because as the designer explained: “It doesn’t matter to be ‘Miss Something’ or ‘Miss Nothing’, what truly matters it to be happy with yourself”.

The Neith Nyer selection