Arthur Avellano

Designer of the month #3

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Numerous major luxurious brands or young designers’ reputation is based on the use of a particular pattern (tartan – Burberry), the exploitation of an emblem (LV – Louis Vuitton) or the declination of a noble material (leather – Mietis). Arthur Avellano is no exception. The difference is that the material he uses to promote his work doesn’t enjoy a reputation of the most shining. Associated to the SM world and nighttime dalliances in a more general way, the young  Toulouse-based designer chose as a common thread latex.

Before Arthur Avellano decides to run his brand in 2016, the young designer studies at the Beaux Arts of Toulouse. There, he explores various fields and never stops from trying new processes. After graduating, he chose to focus on the fashion world by integrating l’Atelier Chardon-Savard Paris. During five years he specializes in graphic design. He starts to develop printing techniques in a serigraphic workshop and finds huge interest in using latex in his work. His first fashion parade was a sort of artistic performance which central pillar was fetichism. The material became a true artistic crush. Animated by the challenge to make men wear latex by taking of its super sexualized and feminine touch, he approaches a German research laboratory with whom he  developed a patent in order to get a more resistant latex, hypoallergenic and machine washable. For his first collections, he chose to make sport-couture silhouettes with wide and flexible volumes. Looking by no means to hide his principal material in complex and technical ensembles, he selected some basics of the menswear like the trench or the bomber and enhanced the unique reflexion and fall of the latex by giving it ochre, red or mint colors. The look is instantly caught up by the reflect and the texture of such a material.


Arthur Avellano selection

Arthur Avellano is a young label that fits into textile innovative research, trying to democratize its favorite material while minimizing the barriers of womenswear and menswear. Its pieces are to be discovered in your much-loved address of the 1st arrondissement.